The 15th International Symposium on Biochromatography and Nanoseparations

17-18-19-20 May 2021, Virtual Conference


Professor Xavier SANTARELLI, President of SBCN, invites you to participate to

The 15th International Symposium on Biochromatography and Nanoseparations

Purification & Characterization of Biomolécules Industry - Academia Interaction

Chairman: Professor Romain KAPEL, Lorraine University, Nancy, France

The SBCN 2021 cover:
Downstream processing and biochromatography which concerns the Purification of proteins, other biomolecules and macromolecules, ADC, ADN, Phages, Virus

From the labscale to industrial scale

The biomolecules characterization, tools and methodology for biology and “omics”. Health , biomedical, food analysis, Biopharm – pharm & Environmental analysis, Agro-Bioindustrie

Process Analytical Technologies

Modelization tools

Biotech-Biopharm Industry – Academia Interaction for cross fertilization

The Society for BioChromatography and Nanoseparations, or SBCN (previously European Society of BioChromatography – ESBC) is a scientific organization founded en 1986.

The Society for BioChromatography and Nanoseparations:

  • is dedicated to the development and refinement of biochromatography and bioseparation technologies,
  • facilitates collaboration and communication between members,
  • encourages training participation to scientific meetings of scientists and students in biochromatography and bioseparation.


SBCN meetings are organized every two years to present last biochromatography and nanoseparation innovations. Moreover, workshops and one-day symposiums are organized every year, in collaboration with industrial partners.

The fantastic domain of biochromatography and nanoseparation develops permanently in a thrilling manner. This meeting will be a perfect occasion to learn new concepts, stay uptated and exchange with all the participants:

  • young scientists and graduate students will get an overview of scientific fields and will improve their knowledges in a casual atmosphere,
  • senior scientists will conveniently stay updated, share their experience with young scientists and meet colleagues and friends,
  • companies will have the opportunity to display their key products and encounter their customers.

The French Federation of Biotechnology brings together a number of Scientific societies of biology, chemistry as ADEBIOTECH, CBSO, SBCN, SCT, SFBBM, SFGP, SFM and Biotechnology Engineering school (ENSTBB, ESBS, Supbiotech) and another society as SICOS (syndicate of synthetic organic chemical industry and biochemistry), CBB Capbiotek (Britanny biotech network).


The goal of FFBiotech: promote cross-fertilization between actors from different disciplines and sectors, to obtain national, European and international readability and representativeness, to create interactions between the diversity of actors to ensure collective visibility and to influence national and European strategies, to support training in the field covered, to label events organized by its members who request it, and any action contributing to the achievement of the above purpose.

The French Society of Process Engineering brings together at the French level all the people who excercise a professional activity in the field of Process Engineering: researchers and teacher-researchers, industrialists and equipment manufacturers from all sectors of activity: chemistry, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, cosmetology, food industry, stationery, metallurgy, water treatment. within the framework of SBCN 2021, two thematic groups of the SFGP are involved Biotechnological and Agri-food Process Engineering and Separative processes.


The ENSTBB, National School of Biomolecule Technology of Bordeaux, is one of the 7 public engineering schools of Bordeaux INP.

The school trains engineers specializing in biotechnology, syntheticbiology and more particularly in the production, purification and characterization of proteins. This training makes it possible to meet the needs of the industrial sectors of biotechnology, pharmacy, cosmeticsand green chemistry.

Since its creation, this public school has affirmed its national and international influence through an ambitious training policy founded, on the one hand ,on the acquisition of specific skills related to biotechnology and, on the other hand, on transversal skills specific to the engineering functions. Direct backing for research of excellence isan essential component of this approach. Its training policy is also part of strong partnerships with the business world.

International bioseparation contest for young scientists 2021

At ” Gene to vial” in 2011 at VIT University (India), the Society for Biochromatography and Nanoseparations conferred the first Viji Award on promising and nominated young reseachers in recognition of their contributions to the field of bioseparation technology.

This contest consists in promoting young scientists in the field of bioseparation.
PhD students and young Post-Doctoral (within 2 years after PhD) candidates.

This prize has been named VIJI AWARD in honor to Professor M.A. Vijayalakshmi which was one of the founders of the SBCN for all her work and her passion for separative science and education.

How to participate to VIJI Awards 2021

To be registered at SBCN 2021 as PhD student or young Post-Doc (PhD + 2 years)
and perform a scientific presentation.

Three PRIZES: Gold, Silver and Bronze associated with prizes:

1500 € for Gold / 750 € for
Silver / 375 € for Bronze

Great Prize SBCN 2010, 2012

Professor M.A. Vijayalakshmi