Quality of High Density Lipoprotein Apolipoprotein A1 (HDL-ApoA1) as a risk predictor of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)

CBST-VIT University, Vellore, TN, India

After a PhD (Biological Chemistry)2002 at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel and Post-Doc at Center for Vascular Biology (2003-2008)

University of Connecticut Health Center Farmington, USA. He participated in the creation of the CSTB at VIT University with Pr. M.A.VIJAYALAKSHMI.

Director CBST. Research Interests:  Signaling pathways, lipid and lipoprotein metabolism in understanding metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases and autoimmune diseases. Therapeutic protein production (Factor VIII  and anti-TNF-a ScFv) and Bioseparation, Protein Chemistry and Proteomics. Ongoing projects: Cardiovascular disease diagnosis: Oxidized HDL- as a marker for CVD risk prediction. Diabetes alleviation: Understanding the molecular mechanisms of pancreatic islet cell  regeneration  mediated  by Aloe  vera extract and the purified components of Aloe vera extract. Malaria diagnosis: P.falciparum Histidine  Rich Protein-2 mAbs for diagnosis. Therapeutic protein production: Novel systems for the production of high value therapeutic proteins such as Factor VIII, antibody fragments of  anti-TNFα, anti-IL6, and HDL-ApoAI. Autoimmune  diseases.