Pr. Philippe Jean CARDOT

Hollow fiber field flow fractionation, theoretical descriptions of the four equilibrium mechanism during stop flow step“, travelling along equilibrium equations to understand the critical relaxation step of any HF field flow fractionation separations

Limoges University, Limoges, France

Chairman of the Analytical chemistry dept of the College of pharmacy, Limoges University.

After a Pharmaceutical degree (Pharm D) at Université Paris Sud and an internship at Hopital St Louis (Paris), Philippe Cardot Joined, in the early eighties, Professor Guiochon’s Physical analytical chemistry group at Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, for a an engineering course (INSTN) followed by PhD in analytical chemistry. After a post-doctoral contract at Columbia university, NY,NY-USA , for the Presbiterian Hospital pharmacology dept, he was appointed as assistant professor at Paris XI university. Since 1995 he is full professor of analytical chemistry at Limoges university in charge of industrial pharmacy courses.

His research activities involve mathematics for separations sciences (signal acquisition, treatment, data analysis ,optimization, elution modelling) as well as instrumentation for field flow fractionation (which led to the SBCN award in 2012)