Pr. Valérie PICHON

New trends in sample preparation: potential of selective sorbents, from the macro to the microscale

UPMC, Paris, France 


Valérie Pichon is full professor at the UPMC and she leads since 2009 the Department of analytical, bioanalytical sciences and miniaturization, part of the UMR Chimie Biologie Innovation, a team of 30 researchers (permanents, postdoctoral and PhD students) located at the ESPCI ParisTech. She also co-leads the UMR CBI 8231 since January 2014 (more than 100 researchers).
Her major research interests include developing stationary phases based on antibodies or aptamers and molecularly imprinted polymers to selectively extract organic, and more recently inorganic, molecules in complex samples, always trying to miniaturize these tools.
She is author of more than 100 publications (H 34 factor), 5 book chapters, holds a patent. She was rewarded in 2001 with the Analytical Chemistry Department of the French Society of Chemistry Prize. She is currently Vice-President of AfSep (Association Française des Sciences Séparatives).